land plot in muang thong thani - pak kret nonthaburi

A little over 20 years ago Muang Thong Thani only held a very wealthy neighbourhood around Bond Street, mostly Chinese Thai families residing in multimillion villas.

No businesses or attractions were present. Except Bond Street, which is only a small part of MTT, the rest of the land was practically undeveloped.

It was in the early 90’s that Bangkok Land ltd. starting buying up huge plots with the aim of making a community project. Their aim was to build up the infrastructure enough to support both the Popular and Lakeside condominium areas along with the burgeoning business areas.

This was helped in large part due to the construction and success of Impact Arena. MTT is probably on of the most organised and structured areas in Thailand.

Though land is becoming scarce there are still some plots for sale along the Muang Thong Thani lake, the main roads and around Bond Street. Ideal for someone that wants to build a house from the ground up or for long-term investments.

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