Chuan Kitchen Review

According to the menu they serve Singaporean street food. Foreigners would probably describe it as a Chinese restaurant, more like the ones back home than the ones in Thailand. Read more

Chock Dee Dim Sum Restaurant Review

Today a review of the Chock Dee Dim Sum restaurant in Muang Thong Thani, located just at the beginning of bondstreet very close to Chaeng Wattana. Read more

Jeffrey’s Corner Review- Delicious Thin Crust Pizza’s

Some exciting new places are opening up in the recently opened BeeHive shopping mall which is located just opposite of the Thammasat University. Read more

Cafe Bee Wish Review- Italian restaurant

As a former frequent Italy visitor I think of myself that I’m some sort of an expert on the Italian food department. And let me tell you this chef knows how to cook. I wasn’t surprised to hear the chef had been working in Venice, Italy previously. Read more