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Salad Factory Review – Big Selection of Fresh Salads

Recently relocated from the Sukothai Avenue to a bigger property in the Beehive, opposite of the Tops supermarket.

The Salad Factory has a fresh and modern interior and because it’s located on the corner it has light entering from windows around the restaurant. They offer a mix of Thai, Asian and foreign cuisine. Their menu is presented on Ipads in the restaurant with images of all the dishes.

They have a huge selection of over 40 salads. Classic Thai Salads like som tam, bamboo salads and spicy glass noodle salads. But also Japanese and Korean salads with seafood and asian dressings. And a big choice of lovely Italian salads with rocket, mushrooms and ofcourse the (actually American) classic Caesar Salad.

All salads are served in large bowls and are perfect to share amongst eachother on the table. There is also the choice to put your own salad together with choices of dressing, type of salad, nuts and many more other add ons.logo salad factory beehive

Next to the salads they have enough other dishes to enjoy. A couple of startes and side dishes, such as: delicious squid rings, New Orleans chicken wings, Belgian fries and New Zealand mussels.

They have Thai rice dishes, like fried rice or spicy shrimps and the famous krapow gai and all have the choice to serve with organic rice instead of plain white rice. On the menu also some fresh soups, mix of thai and European. And they offer grill dishes, such as pork and beef  and salmon steaks, and some pasta dishes mostly with seafood. Definitely also try their extended drink menu with fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

I really enjoyed my visits to the Salad Factory. Especially the Caesar salad and their fresh smoothies where very enjoyable, I also loved the fried squid and mushroom side dishes. Even the pasta dishes and grilled meat dishes proofed to be of good quality. I’ll definitely be coming back here, it’s the only place that I know of in Nonthaburi that has such a wide selection of quality salads. For me a perfect place for a hearty lunch.

All days open from 11:00 – 22:00, telephone number: 02-001-5659. Go to the Salad Factory facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/saladfactoryofthailand/

The restaurant is located in the Beehive shopping mall in Muang Thong Thani. See the map below for a more exact location (zoom out for a better view):

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