Jeffrey’s Corner Review- Delicious Thin Crust Pizza’s

Some exciting new places are opening up in the recently opened BeeHive shopping mall which is located just opposite of the Thammasat University.jeffreys corner pakkred

One of them is the American/Italian restaurant Jeffrey’s corner, which is located on the second floor. A small family owned restaurant. On the walls in the restaurant there is a little writing that says that the original recipes came from the American Mr. Jeffrey M. Johnson.

Sadly he has passed away but he passed on his recipes to his wife who is now in the kitchen preparing his recipes. His daughter is working in the front of the restaurant receiving and serving customers.

Jeffrey’s corner is a small place with about 10 tables only, which gives it a nice cozy atmosphere. They have a simple but modern interior with black painted walls and very friendly english speaking staff.

They have a small menu, written in English. Three starters, a few salads and a handful of pasta & meat dishes. In my opinion this place is especially worth the visit for their pizza. Thin crispy crust, sweet and fresh tomato sauce and great cheese. They don’t have a huge selection of toppings but they all work very well on the pizza. I also recommend their turkey with mashed potatoes and asperges. I would describe their food as real homemade style cooking.

I would recommend this restaurant if you don’t feel like having an extensive dinner with wine and multiple dishes, but when you are in the mood for just a simple but nice dinner.


Jeffrey’s Corner can be found on halfway up to bond street, opposite of the Thammasat University in the BeeHive shopping mall on the second floor. Open every day from 10am to 10pm, phone: 089-895-1990 for reservations. Check the map below for a more exact location, zoom out for a better view.

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