Chock Dee Dim Sum Restaurant Review

Today a review of the Chock Dee Dim Sum restaurant in Muang Thong Thani, located just at the beginning of bondstreet very close to Chaeng Wattana.

The venue offers fresh daily hand made dim sum’s at very affordable prices. Next to a big choice of dim sum’s they also offer a couple of noodle, rice and fried dishes.

chock dee dim sum restaurant in Meungthong Thani Pakkred NonthaburiChock Dee Dim Sum is open 24 hours which means it’s a great alternative for MacDonalds or a 7/11 cheese sandwich after a night of drinking. The food is very affordable, a portion of dim sum’s goes for around 30THB, so for 200 THB you can have a table full of different types of dim sum’s. The quality of the food compared to the price is really good.

My favorites are the classic ha gow (steamed shrimp wontons) and the chong fun noodle (kinda like a fresh noodle springroll) , also the bak kut teh (chinese herbal soup) is worth a try.

Chock Dee restaurant is a chain restaurant with around 15 branches in Thailand. For more information visit their website:

You can find them on soi Chaeng Wattana-Parkkred 33, see the map below for the exact location.

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